Structural Assessment & Condition Surveys

With their small size, manoeuvrability and speed, a UAV or drone survey is the perfect solution to inspect any high-level structure that is difficult or unsafe for a human inspector to access.

Buildings, roofs, bridges, listed or damaged buildings, wind turbines, flood defences and solar installations are all easily inspected using a drone or UAV.

Drone Logik can assist you a drone survey for structural assessments on buildings where access at height is either difficult, dangerous or expensive to arrange. For example, complex roof and chimney layouts or docklands and coastal areas.

Using one of our smaller drones or UAVs we can position a camera in any difficult elevated space. At the same time give the client a real -time view from the ground. That way the client can guide us to the exact area or features in question. And of course, once in position, we can take high-definition images or video of the areas or features of interest.

Aerial surveys and inspections with our drones and UAVs can save you the time and expense. Removing the use of a cherry picker or scaffolding, and any risk of working at height.


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All pilots and operators have successfully completed and passed a certified Civil Aviation Flight School and Flight Skills Test, and hold a current CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO).


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