Construction – Site Monitoring

An Aerial Survey can help document and monitor progress on construction sites and civil engineering projects using Site Monitoring programmes. Delivered using low-altitude 4k Ultra HD aerial photography and HD video.

A regular programme of planned aerial survey can therefore offer:

  • Help to document work progress for reporting to senior management, clients and interested stakeholders.
  • Valuable information for site logistics and planning.
  • 4K High Definition aerial photography and HD video for marketing and publicity.

Regular drone surveys and aerial inspections help contractors capture progress across an entire site. While project teams can have a complete visual history of the latest progress against the construction programme. Therefore making it easier to track work and forecast completion dates.

In addition we can carry out a complete aerial photogrammetric survey to generate precise elevation data, contour lines and 3D modelling. Which can be exported to modelling systems such as AutoCad.

Construction assets, including materials, equipment, aggregates, site roads and temporary structures, can be easily identified and labelled in high definition maps or orthophotos.

Drone Logik can easily calculate Stockpile and excavation volumes using aerial surveys and inspections. Allowing clients to quickly allocate space for either new assets or spoil heaps.


Other Services we offer: 

All pilots and operators have successfully completed and passed a certified Civil Aviation Flight School and Flight Skills Test, and hold a current CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO).


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