Why Use a Drone

A Drone or UAV provides a remotely-controlled aerial platform for acquiring low-level high definition aerial photography. This aerial imagery is often captured from unique angles and perspectives. Not otherwise seen using conventional surveying and photography techniques and equipment.

First of all drones are able to cover large areas quickly and efficiently. Trained pilots can operate where manned aerial surveys are not possible. Or where ground surveys are time consuming and dangerous.

When is it best to use a drone or UAV for an aerial survey or aerial inspection:

  • For example, if the area to be surveyed is either difficult to reach, sensitive or dangerous.
  • Or weather conditions can make planning an aerial survey with manned aircraft impossible. A drone can take advantage of even short periods of favourable weather, with minimal lead-in times.
  • For high resolution mapping and modelling. In ideal conditions it is possible to get down to a 3cm Ground Sampling Distance (GSD).
  • UAVs can cover over 1 km² (100 ha) in a single short flight. UAVs are fast and flexible, the logistics and operational requirements for a drone are minimal. This allows for very flexible operations. Fast turnaround of raw data to final outputs, e.g Digital Surface Model (DSM).

Drones used in combination with high definition aerial photography, is the ideal platform for acquiring low-altitude aerial imagery and 3D data. They provide surveyors, engineers and construction professionals with the ability to create Digital Surface Models (DSMs) and topographic models. Previously only accessible at higher costs and with longer planning cycles.

Clients use Drone Logik and our services in a variety of applications, for example; structural or building surveys and inspections, large-area land surveys, volumetric surveys, and landfill inspections.

Aerial Surveys achieve extremely high 4K Ultra HD image resolution when flown at low altitudes of less than 120m/400ft. It is possible to overlap these images to increase the degree of accuracy and level of data acquired. The degree of overlap used for a particular survey will depend on the nature of the terrain and the ground coverage required.

Therefore higher levels of accuracy can be obtained by using greater degrees of image overlap. However this requires more images and therefore increases flight times. Drone Logik use specialised flight planning software to estimate the correct degree of overlap required to suit a client’s need for accuracy. 

Where Safety is Paramount Aerial Imagery

UAVs or drones are ideal for carrying out inspections where access is difficult or dangerous. Almost all applications are on high level structures e.g. bridges, buildings, roofs, wind turbines or solar panel inspection.

Also, the imagery provided from a range of sensors goes beyond that which can be captured by other aircraft or even manual inspections. Our highly skilled pilots know how to reach the areas of critical importance to your business.

Greater Accessibility

Due to their size and manoeuvrability, drones and UAVs can access areas where traditional methods of inspection simply can’t reach. Enabling them to take high definition aerial footage safely and accurately. Removing many dangers and hazards.

The latest software can allow the drone to be programmed for repeat flight patterns. Therefore consistent data is collected from the same site as it is monitored over time. Meaning drones are ideal for surveying wind turbines or solar panels and renewable energy facilities or large construction projects.

Real time inspections mean lower costs

Drone Logik can offer a live feed of the flights aerial photography or video. Meaning maintenance and repair inspections can be more accurate and cost effective. This is due to the real time communications between client and contractor. 

Regular building surveys, or roof inspections means any issues are highlighted sooner. Clients can plan any activities more efficiently and accurately. 

Finally, regular inspection work allows for prompt attention to issues reducing the need for any unnecessary downtime or unforeseen expense.

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All pilots and operators have successfully completed and passed a certified Civil Aviation Flight School and Flight Skills Test, and hold a current CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO).


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